Date  East Garden Foyer

Date  20 September 2018 - 30 October 2018

From 20 September to 30 October 2018, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore will exhibit a new collection of artworks by Mr. Harry Chin Chun Wah, a Singaporean watercolour painter. Entitled “Capturing Moments”, the art exhibition showcases 22 pieces of watercolour paintings that capture the nostalgic sights and scenes of Singapore in the 1970s as well as iconic scenes around the region inspired by his travels.


Harry is known for his sketches in pen and wash – a painting technique using marker pens and watercolours to depict scenes with light, deft strokes. Every of his art piece begins with a sketch using a marker. Depending on the complexity of the work, he typically spends ten minutes working on his sketch to capture the fine details of a street scene in his trusty sketchbook before developing it into a full-fledged watercolour masterpiece. To date, Harry has sketched countless sights and scenes mainly in Southeast Asia. Through his artworks, he hopes to illustrate a time and place long transformed by rapid urbanisation and yet, the memories and romance of yesteryears still linger.