Date  1 Fullerton Square #01-07 The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 049178

Date  01 July 2015 - 17 July 2015

During Ramadan, Oud is burned every night as a mark of respect after breaking fast, washing, and before going to the mosque for evening prayers. In sharing only the finest raw materials and products in time-honoured ceremony during Eid, honour is bestowed upon hosts and guests alike.

Enjoy the heady aroma of Oud in a perfect marriage with Rose and Sandalwood essence wafting in the air this Holy Month, by purchasing Fragrance Du Bois’ exquisite Oud candle. For Ramadan, these candles will be offered at a special price of SGD$99 (U.P. SGD$149).

For those who prefer the traditional anointment of Oud and the burning of wood chips, Oud chips* and 100% pure, natural Oud oil are also available.

*Receive a complimentary Oud chip burner with every purchase of Oud chips (50g).