Date  03 March 2017 - 26 March 2017

Returning for the 5th year, i Light Marina Bay will set Singapore’s iconic waterfront aglow with 20 sustainable light art installations from 3 to 26 March. Created by local and overseas artists, the light art installations are designed with energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials as reminders to adopt sustainable habits in our daily lives. Create your Instagram moment in front of “The Colourful Garden Of Light” installation at Clifford Square that The Fullerton Heritage has co-created with TILT, a diverse group of highly-motivated and talented artists, creative lighting practitioner and enthusiasts. Steps away from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, witness the transformation of Singapore’s iconic Merlion at “The Body of the Sea” installation. 

The Colourful Garden Of Light
Location: Clifford Square | Outside The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Peonies and multi-coloured butterflies take centre stage in this impressive installation that celebrates the coming of Spring. Be treated to a dazzling chromatic display where changing colours create an unexpected relationship between the city and nature. 

The Body Of The Sea
Location: Merlion Park | Across the road from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Singapore’s iconic Merlion is given a coral dress and adorned with surreal shells and other creatures of the seas. The unending changes of colours, images and sounds combine to create the Soul of the Sea. 

Location: Esplanade waterfront, beside Gluttons' Bay | 10-minute walk from The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Sitting at the intersection of science, technology, geometry and materials, HYBYCOZO takes inspiration from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the artists’ favourite book. Borrowing everything from ancient Islamic tiles to particle patterns modelled by physicists for the unified field theory, this installation is a beautiful sculptural representation of the harmonic relationships and patterns we find in nature. 

(Ultra) Light Network 
Location: The Promontory | 5-minute walk from The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore 

Floating 2.5m overhead, this installation is a symbolic show of energy and information flows that occur in nature. Watch as the interactive (Ultra) Light Network changes with the density of people near the structure. 

Moon Flower
Location: The Promontory | 5-minute walk from The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore 

Glowing in the dark, this luminous floral display beckons to passers-by to take a walk through its garden. Powered by its own source of solar energy, each unit of flower can be adopted after I Light Marina Bay 2017 in support of the Garden City Fund. 

For more information about i Light Marina Bay 2017, visit their official website.

Photo Credits: i Light 2017
Image 1: Danny Rose | France
Image 2: TILT | France
Image 3: Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu | USA and Canada
Image 4: Carlos Felix Raspall Galli, Carlos Bañón, Manuel Garrido Freire, Mohan Rajesh Elara | Singapore
Image 5: Yun | Singapore