Date  East Garden Foyer, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Date  02 August 2016 - 29 August 2016

To fully immerse oneself in a distinctly Singaporean food experience, visit the East Garden Foyer at The Fullerton Hotel from 2 August to 29 August 2016 to admire captivating works of art by eight Singapore-based artists - Arlyn de Jesus, Beth Cheong, Benison Cheong, Don Low, Paul Wang, Ong Hwee Yen, William Sim and Xin Xiaochang - who have come together to put up a joint exhibition entitled Sudah Makan? (Have you eaten?)

Translated from Malay to English, this question “Have you eaten?” is commonly asked by both the young and old in Singapore. Everyday greetings such as “How are you?” or “How is your day going?” are often replaced with “Have you eaten?” Central to Singaporeans’ act of hospitality is the emphasis on food, a national pastime which has bonded a nation made up of people of different ethnicities and race. More often than not, relationships, traditions, culture have been formed, fostered, strengthened and affirmed over a big pot of Indian fish head curry, a hearty plate of Nasi Lemak (Rice in Cream) or even simple Kaya (Coconut and Pandan) Toast with Half-boiled Eggs and Kopi (Coffee).

Through distinctive ways, each artist will explore the emotions and ties that are formed with our Singaporean eating habits and traditions, thereby presenting their favourite food, their memories attached to it, and more importantly, the significance of the experience to them.

Admission to the exhibition is complimentary.