Date  Asian Civilisation Museum Green

Date  24 October 2016 - 29 October 2016

As part The Fullerton Heritage's involvement in arts and culture in Singapore, we are giving away premier reserved tickets to 'Yugen: The Hidden Beauty of Japan', one of the many exciting performances happening in River Night Festival 2016. Stand a chance to win 4 premium front row seat tickets to Yugen by clicking here and follow the simple instructions .

Yugen: The Hidden Beauty of Japan.

28 & 29 Oct 2016
Fri & Sat
Asian Civilisation Museum Green

The ancient Japanese art of Noh meets new technology in YUGEN: THE HIDDEN BEAUTY OF JAPAN. This bold melding of the age-old Japanese theatre form and 21st century 3D scenography in Japan’s latest art development will premiere at the Asian Civilisations Museum’s River Nights 2016. 

Created by renowned director Amon Miyamoto and scenographer Shutaro Oku, travel into the fugitive world of YUGEN, where nature unfolds with special 3D glasses mounted on an Omote Noh mask. 

Step into the mysterious world of YUGEN and savour glimpses of profound beauty of nature with Noh actors performing the extraordinary lions’ dance Shakkyo and the celestial maiden’s dance Hagoromo, set against a rich visual tapestry.

An original theatrical experience under the night sky not to be missed!

30 mins
Performed in English
Supervisor: Keiichiro Tsuchiya
Director: Amon Miyamoto
3D Movie Director: Shutaro Oku
Animation Designer: Tatsuro Hirasawa
Technical Assistance (3D movie): Fukuchi Laboratory (Meiji Universtiy, Tokyo)
Composer: Yutaka Fukuoka
Stage Designer: Hiroko Oshima
Lighting Designers: Harumi Fujimoto & Mitsuhisa Ogaki
Sound Designer: Atsushi Tagami
Assistant Director: Moeko Yamazaki
Production Manager: Michio Tomoi

Shakkyo (Lion's Dance) 
White Lion: Shigehiko Fujinami
Red Lion: Kojiro Sumi

Hagoromo (Celestial Maiden's Dance)
Maiden: Yoshinari Shimizu

Man: Kazuki Takase
Young Man: Ryuji Aigase

Administrator: Junichi Tsuchiya
Production Assistance: Naoko Suzuki, Hiromi Yamakawa, WM Inc.
Organised by 
Japan Foundation
Co-organised by 
Asian Civilisations Museum and Meiji University, Tokyo
Supported by 
Japan Creative Centre, The Fullerton Hotel and Panasonic
Special cooperation with Grand Master of the Kanze School, Kanze Foundation
In conjunction with 
River Nights 2016 and SJ50
Co-produced by 
CultureLink Singapore

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